The first novel in the Shane Webber mystery series of books.

Welcome to New Etherea, the safest place on earth. For two hundred years the area of land now occupying the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah has been home to fantastic beings descended from mythical ancestors. A bustling metropolis of vivid color, industry, and economics.

When Special Agent Shane Webber is asked in by the Bureau of Etherean Affairs to consult on the death of a young Pegasus woman, he is unprepared for how deep into the mythical city he will go to uncover the clues to her murder.

As the clues to the case unravel amidst an intricate web of politics and conspiracy, Agent Webber will come face to face with his own past prejudices as he encounters a threat never before imagined and the secret behind a centuries old truth.


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Deliver us from the wrath of God

Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Sloan never considered himself a religious man. He wore the badge, enforced the law, and lived his life by his own terms in the small rural town of Prairie Hill. Unfortunately for Todd, his world is about to come to a startling and abrupt halt. On the evening of the worst storm of the past decade, a stranger in a black suit appears presenting Todd with an envelope. Written on the note inside are the words, “You should arrest me as soon as you can.”

Once taken into custody, the man identifies himself only as, Mr God.

No identification. No fingerprints.

As the storm grows in intensity, Deputy Sloan begins an interrogation that soon evolves into a psychological tug-of-war; one that will have Sloan questioning everything, and one that will leave an unprecedented path of destruction through the quiet Texas town.


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Kindle EditionPaperback | Createspace Store

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