New Release – Mr God

There is nothing like the feeling of finally finishing a book, and then being able to take that deep—if somewhat short—sigh of satisfaction. Of course, now comes the really fun part; promotion time! That point in a new novel’s life where I get to go on and on about how much you need to read this book, and how great it is.

Truth is, I never really trust myself to know if what I write is good. I’m my own worst critic. To me it’s all ilk that a half-stupid monkey splattered on some pages. But, for those of you that enjoy my writing, and want to read more, then here is another entry in the monkey’s collection of words and pages.

You can buy Mr God here – Amazon Kindle

And to sweeten the deal for you fans, I’m not only going to let you buy my new novel that I slaved over for the better part of six months; I’m going to do some giveaways as well. Everyone likes free stuff right? And no, this is not some sort of attempt to bribe you. If I wanted to do that, I’d give you free stuff.

Here’s the low-down, the skinny, and the word. For today, I’m offering my first novel, Murdered by Midnight to everyone free on Amazon Kindle – US | UK

And, if that wasn’t enough, from now until February 25th, I’ll be holding a drawing for five lucky winners to each receive a free autographed paperback copy of Mr God.

A huge thank you to all the people that have assisted in this novel; I couldn’t have done it without them. And to you, the fans: you mean so much to me, you will never know.

Now, go follow me on Twitter, Facebook, share and like; brag and tell people about me. Buy my book, and support the war on the tyranny of Conglomerate Publishing houses, and help me in the fight against zombies, writer’s block, and the occasional lack of inspiration.

What Happened To Half The Battle?

ImageWell, it never fails. That moment in life when you are on the edge of completing a long arduous project, and the thing goes completely south on you? Yeah, you know that it’s happened to you before; hell, I’d imagine that it’s happened to the best of us. The trick though is persistence.

For me it’s about finishing a really long manuscript,only to find that the damn thing got a glitch when converting it to HTML for the ebook formatting; and now I have to re-read through the last half of the book paragraph by paragraph to catch all the places where the opening dialogue quotes are missing.

Talk about a serious pain in the ass!

This unfortunately is just life. Sure, it’d be gravy if every time we worked ourselves to the bone, we managed to get to the end goal without hiccup or disaster; or what the universe knows as Murphy’s Law! That rule that warns us: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Is it a huge bother that I have to go back over the last 250,000 words of my novel line by line, or paragraph by paragraph? Sure it is. But there is a small consolation to it. I now get to find some of those pesky little annoyances that I probably should have paid better attention to during the editing processes. Nothing like a new, fresh set of eyes.