“Mr God” – Discussing My New Novel

Well, it’s time to hype up the new novel. I hope you all don’t mind too much. I mean, if you’re following me, then you know what I do, and hopefully this is why you are here. So let’s start with the title.

Mr God came about actually when I was neck deep in trying to write a follow-up book to Murdered by Midnight. I wanted to do something off the beaten path, and a little dark, scary, and definitely supernatural. I started out with the first chapter of a book that was to take place in early settlement days of Gettysburg, and then somewhere in there I had the idea about a man walking into a bar, sitting down and ordering a drink, and declaring that he was God. Then giving the person at the bar the chance to personally confront him over all the wrongs in this world that he (God) has been accused of over the course of time.

The idea was so intriguing that I abandoned my historical thriller in favor of this one. Of course, when I actually sat down to write it, I didn’t go the route of God walking into a bar. As per my usual norm, the story very quickly took on a life all its own, and I began to follow the path the characters set down for me to dictate where the story would go.

As of right now, I am more than half finished with Mr God, and it’s been an interesting evolution from where I originally thought up the story, to where it’s going now. New characters have emerged as a result of the story’s course, and I couldn’t be more pleased with some of the feedback that I’ve gotten from friends and family that I’ve confided in about the intricate plot.

So, enough about that. You want to know what it’s about, right?

So the story is about four people. One is Deputy Todd Sloan, the other is his partner Deputy Keith Reynolds; the third person is FBI Agent Michael Heila and last but not least… the man calling himself, Mr God.

The story takes place on the day of Todd Sloan’s funeral for his father, and at the onset of a massive storm front that blows in from the Gulf of Mexico, getting stronger with each passing hour. At the height of the calm before the storm; a man dressed in a black suit, handsome and reserved appears at the funeral and introduces himself to the grieving Todd; he hands him a letter with a note inside that says, “You should arrest me as soon as you can.”

Once the mysterious man in black is in custody, and has successfully surrendered to the Sheriff’s Department—and against the backdrop of the worst storm in the past few decades to come through the small Texas town—Mr God reveals himself, and begins the psychological roller coaster ride with Deputy Sloan, as he admits to unspeakable acts of cruelty, murder, and devastation.

It’s a test of wits, spirit, and faith; with enough twists that you are sure to be satisfied.

If all goes well, Mr God will be available next month!



  1. Your outline has triggered a memory of a curious occurrence told by an evangelical Christian in our church some years ago (must have been Christmas – we only go annually!). Around the time he acquired his faith and was wondering what to do with his life, he came out of church one day and saw a man standing there with an envelope, which he gave to him. Opening it later, the Christian chap found it contained a very large amount of money – enough for him to give up his job and devote his life to Christian work. If the tale is true – was the stranger with the envelope a messenger from heaven?

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